3 Cool Jobs for Middle Schoolers

Now that school is out for the summer, you’ve got lots of time to hang out with friends, go shopping, go to the movies — all awesome, fun things to do. But what if you want to be more independent and not have to bug your parents every time you need money to pay for those movies, new clothes and activities? Getting a job is not always easy — many employers won’t hire kids under 16 years old. Don’t get discouraged. Here are three cool jobs just right for kids in junior high school:

  1. Babysitter. Parents always need babysitters when they have date nights and other social occasions. The pay can range from $3 per hour to over $10 per hour, depending on the family and the number of kids. You have to be reliable and have a strong sense of responsibility. If you like kids, playing games and making crafts, you could be a great babysitter!
  2. Dog walker. Must like dogs! And you must not mind scooping poop! Dog walkers also must be dependable. Walking Fido is a daily (or twice a day) job, so, if you can’t do it, you’ll need a friend or sibling to be your backup. But don’t forget: it’s your responsibility to make sure the dog in your care is safe. You can also double or triple the money you make by taking on additional dogs and walking them at the same time.
  3. Lawn mowing. Most kids charge $10 to $40 per yard, depending on the size of the lawn. If you have more than one customer or a customer that hires you to mow their lawn once a week, you’ll earn a lot of green by the end of the summer! There may be start-up costs: you’ll need a lawn mower and possibly other tools, like an edger or clipper. Your parents may let you borrow their mower or you can buy one secondhand.


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