How to Get a Raise in Allowance

More than half of the families out there pay their kids an allowance. Be thankful if you’re one of the lucky kids who do!

Now that you’re getting older and you’re doing more around the house to help mom and dad and to earn your allowance, it might be time to think about asking for a raise. Many parents pay kids a dollar for each year. So, if you’re 12 you’re probably getting about $12 per week. If more money and more chores sound good to you, then these tips may help you get the raise you’re looking for:

  • Make a List – Write down everything you already do to earn your allowance. It might be basic daily chores or bigger things like doing the weekly laundry.
  • Think Big – Take a look at your list and think about other things you could do to earn extra money. Are your parents paying someone to do things around the house that you could do like a house cleaning company or lawn mowing service? If so, add it to your list of future tasks to earn extra allowance.
  • Future Plans – If you’re trying to save for future things like a car or college, then do the math to determine how much you’d need to make a dent in your savings. This will let your parents know that you’re responsible and want a raise for something important, not just more video games or shoes.
  • Make it Official – Set up an appointment with mom and dad so you can make your official presentation on why you deserve a raise. Putting together a PowerPoint or spreadsheet outlining your offer and its details will let them know you’re taking it seriously. And don’t forget to thank them for listening to your proposal when it’s over.
  • Keep Earning It – If you get a yes, be sure to do everything you promised you’d do. If your parents said no, try adding on some extra tasks to your weekly chores. You might impress them enough to change their minds!

Useful Allowance Apps
If you and your parents are having a hard time keeping track of chores and allowances, the mobile world has some apps to help. The data that some of these apps collect can even give you ammo should you ask for a raise in the future! We limited our list to apps that were under a dollar.

  • Virtual Piggy Bank (iOS and Android) $0.99
  • Kid Bank (iOS and Android) $0.99
  • FamDoo (iOS and Android) Free
  • Buckaroo (iOS) Free
  • A+ Allowance (iOS) Free
  • Fair Allowance (Android) Free
  • YourMoney – Allowance Tracker (Android) $0.99



What do/would you do with your allowance?