What Is Work Ethic?

When you have a job or homework to do, do you work hard to get it done as well as you can? If you’re like most people, you might work hard on some tasks, but relax a little when it comes to others. Maybe when you write papers you let yourself get distracted and visit your favorite websites or play an online game. Here’s why it’s important to always work hard.girl washing a truck

Even though it sometimes seems like you have all the time in the world, that’s not the case. The longer you spend on tasks due to breaks, the less time you have to yourself to focus on something you really want to do. For example, imagine you have five hours after school. You want to start painting a picture, but you can’t get your supplies out until you’re done with your homework. If you start working on your homework, but take three half-hour breaks to watch random YouTube videos, you’ll have that much less time to spend on your painting. Which is more important to you, the random YouTube videos or finishing your painting?

It’s not just about how quickly you get a job done. The quality of your work is just as important. Imagine that your room has gotten messy. You have lots of clothes on the floor and toys scattered around. You set yourself to the job of cleaning up. One way to get it done quickly is to pile up everything that is out of place and stuff it in your closet or under your bed. That way, the mess is out of sight and your room looks tidy. However, if you finish the job this way, when you need a piece of clothing, or a certain toy, you might not be able to find it! Instead of rushing things, it’s better to do the job right and put everything where it belongs.

Remember, doing the job right doesn’t mean you have to do it the hardest way you can. You should do it the best way you can. For example, maybe your kitchen floor is dirty and needs to be mopped. One way to spend lots of time and effort on the job is by using a toothbrush! However, it would take you much longer than using a mop, and the floor probably wouldn’t end up any cleaner. This is the difference between just working hard, and working smart.

By working hard, smart and quickly, you’ll get done with everything you need to, and have plenty of time left over for the stuff you really want to do!


Do you like to work hard?